The Case Against Cesareans on Demand: What Doctors Do Not Tell You


Volume/Issue :
Volume 38
Issue 1
(04 - 2024)

Author(s) :

Thomas R Verny MD, DHL (Hon), DPsych, FRCPC, FAPA.

Abstract :

The rising rates of cesarean section (C-section) births worldwide are concerning, especially in countries where they have become the cultural norm. This article explores the factors contributing to the increasing rates of C-sections, such as maternal age, insurance status, and societal beliefs. It also discusses the negative impacts of C-sections on maternal and child health, including disruptions to the newborn's microbiome and maternal-infant bonding. Despite the perceived safety and convenience of C-sections, evidence suggests that they should be avoided unless medically necessary. This article calls for a better understanding of the needs of women in labor and highlights the importance of informed decision-making regarding childbirth options.